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Artist : Valérie ÉKOUMÈ

Title : "Djaale"

Format : CD

1. Hé Hé

2. Bye Bye

3. Mama

4. Dipita Na Wéllisane

5. C'est comme l'amour

6. Ndolo

7. Ngona Mulato

8. Ndola Mbalè

9. Djaalé

10. Changer

11. Na Méya

12. Bye Bye (James Bks Remix)

13. Dipita Na Wéllisanè (Version longue)



VALERIE Ekoume / Djaale: Cameroonian Afro-pop, feat. Manu Dibango. This project was born from the collaboration and hard work of two years between Valérie Ekoume, singer-songwriter and Guy NWOGANG, percussionist composer, who produced the album.

Djaale Afro Pop sound project is an invitation to discovery, which has a notorious special guest: Manu Dibango. A multitude of musicians, world and different nationalities have worked there, bringing this universal key as desired.

Artists like Nate Watts, the legendary bassist Stevie Wonder, Mario CANONGE (pianist), Michel Alibo (bass), Munyuongo JACKSON (percussionist Stevie Wonder, Diane Miles DAVIS AND REEVES), Justin Bowen, Raymond DOUMBE (former Chief of Myriam MAKEBA orchestra) and many others participated.