Have you heard Valérie Ekoumé sing yet ? It is for those who hear and listen to her an extraordinary experience.

Valérie singing is not like some who try to impress an audience by making each note a technical feat.
She sings as others speak. She communicates with the public through her art. She has an obvious wish of communion with her audience as she seems to become one with music. Her voice becomes for whoever  hears her, a delicate support guiding one's emotions to another.

From high to low pitched notes this singer's voice is inhabited by life, her life, echoing ours. Each of us can project one's own emotions, rift and joys on it. Who is this singer whose tone's quality  is not just beautiful ?

Valérie Ekoumé is a singer whose origins are Camerouneese. Born in France, she grew up in an environnement where music was no foreign langage.

She took to music at an early age but was more interested in singing.
Retlanlessly whishing to improve her  own skills in singing, she integrated, in 2005, the American School of musicians based in Paris. She studied there for five years. All the while, she accumulated training in improving her vocal expression.

This singer has allready collaborated with the work of many famous singers (Youssou Ndour, Alain Barrière, Maceo Parker, Courtney Pine, Passi, MC Solaar, Papa Wemba, Rokia Traoré, Kaissa Doumbe, Etienne Mbappe, Meiway, Kofi Olomide, Coco Mbassi, Lulendo).

 For eight years, she sang with Manu Dibango in Soul Makossa Gang and in Maraboutik Big Bang.
This collaboration abled her to be part of several big festivals accross the world : Cannes Festival, Womad Jazz in Vienna, Ziget and Couleur Café among many.

Allthough she spent most of her life in France, Valerie is very attached to Duala, her original language. For her the sound of Duala language  expresses music, emotion, and truth which she recognize as hers. She knows that in that language, she does more than sing, since somehow, this is where she really belongs.

Valérie presents here « Djaalé », her first album : this is a three years' work result and  it is  also the collaboration of the singer (Author, composor, and interpreter) with Guy Nwogang (drummer, percussionist , composor) producer of the album.
This is excellent news for those who up to now were frustrated to only hear her in small glimpse in other people world and music.
This is an Afro-Pop accoustic project. It is in itself, an invitation to explore and travel in different worlds who skirt long one an other, each of them bringing their own specificity in the universal melting pot to which Valérie Ekoumé aims.
The richness of Valerie Ekoumé's album reaches  to human richness, thanks to all the different musicians who take part of it. These talent instrumentalists, from different fields and countries, have each of them brought their own universal touch.


Traduit du français par M.F Bennett Messié